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Slightly depressing into (sorry!)

Hi *waves*

I was lurking in the PCOS communities when I saw this community mentioned and decided to join.

I am 34, was diagnosed 4 years ago, and have lots of fun symptoms such as acne, hairs in places I don’t want, losing hair from the one place I want it and a figure which bears more than a passing resemblance to a whale!

When I was first diagnosed (which took a year, thanks NHS) I was put on Dianette and Cyproterone Acetate. After the 6 hellish months it took for things to settle down everything was great for a couple of years. Even after the doctor decided to take me off the Cyproterone Acetate things were pretty good.

Then the doctor decided I should come off the pill too. All hell broke loose in a hormonal kind of way.

So I’ve been back on the pill since just before Christmas and things still haven’t really settled down, especially with my periods - I've had everything from 3 periods in the space of a month, periods lasting 11 days, a month of cramps with no period...

I briefly tried Metformin but the only noticeable affect was to make me iller than I had ever felt in my life! Since I'm not insulin resistant I'm not sure that it would have made much difference anyway.

So here I am, pretty much where I started – the heaviest weight I have ever been, spotty, and pondering whether it is impolite to ask family members to pluck the hair under my chin for me!


I was taken off Dianette for the higher risk of heart attacks reason, which seemed reasonable enough although my blood pressure etc is and was normal. And I agree that, if taking a medication makes you feel worse and does nothing for your symptoms it makes sense not to take the medication. I must say you sound much more clued up about this stuff, about the medications, than I was when I first started with treatments and trying to deal with my PCOS. :)

I hope your period is nice to you. :D
I've spent quite a lot of the past 4 years googling anything that might help!

My period is very light and the cramps aren't too bad but I just can't stop eating!
Ah,see, I've been being quite "head in the sand" for the last forever but I seem to have become determined now and I want to get my PCOS sorted out. :D

Well, just try and eat the better for you stuff all the time than the not good for you stuff. I TRY to munch on oatcake bites and grapes and the like but I'm not always that successful. :D

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