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Hi Ladies.

Just a quick update on the laser treatment appointment which I had today. The dermatologist told me that my case had been to the individual treatment funding tribunal (can't quite remember the exact name but it does that essentially) which had been assessed in May. I've been given full funding for a course of laser hair removal on the NHS which my PCT (East Kent) will pay for and my first appointment and patch test is next friday with his wife who's also a consultant dermatologist. He told me if he had known the agreement to funding letter had been in my file earlier he would have cancelled the appointment at the hospital and had me go directly to the clinic for a patch test. He was also shocked to see what a week's growth on my chin looks like. (lets just say i am the bearded lady with a curly reddish beard) asked me where else the hair grew (everywhere but my back) and noted my thinning scalp and huge sideburns.

I came out of the room wanting to scream and cry with happiness all at the same time. It just shows it can be done.  


i'm guessing its at least ten sessions or more. I. i'm not entirely clear on it, but basically a laser is guided over the individual hairs and they are removed. I'm guessing the hair is literally burnt out at the follicle. The idea is that hair growth is slowed and eventually will stop in the area treated and that any hairs that do come back will be softer and finer.

I'm going for the patch test on friday so i'll know more then. I am considering doing before during and after photos to show the process and to see if it works and possibly post them on here.

August 2009

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