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Frustrating article in the Guardian tonight.


I know that in the article they specify that they are recommending against certain fertility treatments for couples with unexplained infertility, but there are so many women with PCOS who are undiagnosed or incorrectly diagnosed who would lose options if they try to opt out of Clomid and jump straight for IVF. It's pretty frustrating.


The unexplained fertility possibly being PCOS thing is a problem with medical staff not being aware enough of the condition as a possibility and the only cure to that is education. But, in my own experience, even once a GP (in my case) is made aware of a condition they won't always take themselves off and find out more, just as some specialists aren't really interested in women with PCOS who aren't actively trying to conceive.

It's all so irritating.

Thank you for bringing this to the comm's attention. :)
No lie. It's so hard to find doctors who take their patients seriously. I'm willing to bet some of the "unexplained" fertility in the study falls into the "doctor too ignorant or stubborn to listen and investigate" category.

The new layout for the comm looks great btw!
Thank you.

Alt: the "doctor too busy thinking s/he's God to consider alternative diagnoses" category.
it's either the consultant = god mentality or the NHS weight wall, either way, ladies with pcos are stuck between a rock and several hard places when getting support and treatment. there were further articles recently, one stating that actually overweight people can be healthy and they're just the way they are, and that the nhs is considering limiting IVF and fertility treatments to women who fit their criteria, eg, normal BMI, non smoking, etc and to limit treatments to less than the NICE guidelines state. I also hate the fact that nothing gets done unless you are actively trying to conceive, it's more here, have birth control and come back when u want to conceive or simply ignoring the issue.

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