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Jul. 11th, 2008




Hi, I'm Shreena!

This is a pcos-related post I put on my blog, and it's probably appropriate here too

Jul. 10th, 2008



Introductory Post.

So I guess I should put something here. Something enticing that will persuade people to join the community and make it an actual community (because a community is only as good as its members).

I have started this community because, while pcos and pcosupport are very good, informative and supportive communities, I keep finding that the information they give is very much US-centric and not always of much use to poor lil me stuck in Scotland. So I thought we could do with a space of our own in which to swap information and to help each other with our problems and concerns. *smile*

I have left the community unmoderated at the moment, largely in order to let things progress and happen naturally, although I did wonder about moderating membership in order to ensure that we stay UK based. What does anyone think of that? I'll probably also edit the profile and the journal itself over the next wee while in order to make it pretty and helpful. So if you have any ideas, let me know.

As for myself, my name is Sarah and, as I have already said, I am in Scotland. I am 28, I have no kids, and I am a PhD student. I also have PCOS with the fun symptoms of wacky hormones and wackier periods, hirsuitism, insulin resistence, obesity and issues with my moods that I'm starting to wonder whether they are to do with my PCOS and not just from out of the ether. I am feeling quite positive at the moment, something that comes and goes, and have just moved to a new area and am trying to find a good Doctor who actually knows what PCOS is (because my last one didn't and didn't seem to care) in order to try and get a handle on this thing. I'm trying to go Low GI, have read alot and have made some changes, but every now and then just give in and eat very bad for me food. It's an ongoing process. Medication wise I am on Provera (progesterone) because I bleed all the time without some form of assistance to stop. Saying that, I've also had years where I've not bled at all. It's all quite fun. :S

So, tell us about yourself. Tell me what you would like to see here. Talk, post, complain, ask for advice. I, at least, will be listening and hopefully other women will join and we'll grow and become a fabulous community.



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