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larimoon in pcos_uk

Slightly depressing into (sorry!)

Hi *waves*

I was lurking in the PCOS communities when I saw this community mentioned and decided to join.

I am 34, was diagnosed 4 years ago, and have lots of fun symptoms such as acne, hairs in places I don’t want, losing hair from the one place I want it and a figure which bears more than a passing resemblance to a whale!

When I was first diagnosed (which took a year, thanks NHS) I was put on Dianette and Cyproterone Acetate. After the 6 hellish months it took for things to settle down everything was great for a couple of years. Even after the doctor decided to take me off the Cyproterone Acetate things were pretty good.

Then the doctor decided I should come off the pill too. All hell broke loose in a hormonal kind of way.

So I’ve been back on the pill since just before Christmas and things still haven’t really settled down, especially with my periods - I've had everything from 3 periods in the space of a month, periods lasting 11 days, a month of cramps with no period...

I briefly tried Metformin but the only noticeable affect was to make me iller than I had ever felt in my life! Since I'm not insulin resistant I'm not sure that it would have made much difference anyway.

So here I am, pretty much where I started – the heaviest weight I have ever been, spotty, and pondering whether it is impolite to ask family members to pluck the hair under my chin for me!


*hugs* sorry you're having such a rough time of it. As far as I am aware coming off the pill can throw even non-PCOS women through a loop so, while I imagine it's bloody annoying, I would think its more a weekness in the medication. And things will settle down, eventually. Was there any specific reason why the doctor decided to take you off the pill?

I also just felt awful on metformin. That seems to be a common complaint with metformin. I have heard tips like low gi diets and taking it with lots of water can make the side effects better but, to be honest, I'm not willing to risk feeling that ill again to see if a glass of water will help.

As for asking family members to pluck your chin, I would probably say that it's not a problem. My sister plucks my mother's chin fairly regularly, although, I have to say, I pluck my own largely because I don't like to highlight the fact that I have hair on my chin. *smile*

Welcome to the comm. Hopefully here you'll feel not so alone, which was my big thing when I was first diagnosed, and you'll probably notice that this thing seems to kick all our asses at some point, but at least when that happens, we can come here and bitch about it to each other. :D

I was taken off the pill because the endocrinologist's letter "said so"! I know that Dianette does put you at slightly higher risk of blood clots but since I am a reasonably fit (if overweight) person with normal blood pressure I don't feel that I need to worry about that too much.

I was prepared to feel ill on Metformin, I'd read up on tips to minimise it and if it had a positive effect I probably would have continued with it, but all my symptoms remained the same - all that for nothing!

Normally I would pluck my own hairs (I use my epilator for most body hair), but on this occaision it was under my chin - I had to use two mirrors to see it and it ended up taking about half an hour to get this one hair!

I'm hoping things are finally settling down, I started my period today and I'm not suffering too much yet (a good sign!).
I was taken off Dianette for the higher risk of heart attacks reason, which seemed reasonable enough although my blood pressure etc is and was normal. And I agree that, if taking a medication makes you feel worse and does nothing for your symptoms it makes sense not to take the medication. I must say you sound much more clued up about this stuff, about the medications, than I was when I first started with treatments and trying to deal with my PCOS. :)

I hope your period is nice to you. :D
I've spent quite a lot of the past 4 years googling anything that might help!

My period is very light and the cramps aren't too bad but I just can't stop eating!
Ah,see, I've been being quite "head in the sand" for the last forever but I seem to have become determined now and I want to get my PCOS sorted out. :D

Well, just try and eat the better for you stuff all the time than the not good for you stuff. I TRY to munch on oatcake bites and grapes and the like but I'm not always that successful. :D

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