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larimoon in pcos_uk

Slightly depressing into (sorry!)

Hi *waves*

I was lurking in the PCOS communities when I saw this community mentioned and decided to join.

I am 34, was diagnosed 4 years ago, and have lots of fun symptoms such as acne, hairs in places I don’t want, losing hair from the one place I want it and a figure which bears more than a passing resemblance to a whale!

When I was first diagnosed (which took a year, thanks NHS) I was put on Dianette and Cyproterone Acetate. After the 6 hellish months it took for things to settle down everything was great for a couple of years. Even after the doctor decided to take me off the Cyproterone Acetate things were pretty good.

Then the doctor decided I should come off the pill too. All hell broke loose in a hormonal kind of way.

So I’ve been back on the pill since just before Christmas and things still haven’t really settled down, especially with my periods - I've had everything from 3 periods in the space of a month, periods lasting 11 days, a month of cramps with no period...

I briefly tried Metformin but the only noticeable affect was to make me iller than I had ever felt in my life! Since I'm not insulin resistant I'm not sure that it would have made much difference anyway.

So here I am, pretty much where I started – the heaviest weight I have ever been, spotty, and pondering whether it is impolite to ask family members to pluck the hair under my chin for me!


Ah,see, I've been being quite "head in the sand" for the last forever but I seem to have become determined now and I want to get my PCOS sorted out. :D

Well, just try and eat the better for you stuff all the time than the not good for you stuff. I TRY to munch on oatcake bites and grapes and the like but I'm not always that successful. :D

August 2009

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