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missbeatrice in pcos_uk

Hello Ladies

Well, i'v been battling my rubbish GP for a year - when i was first diagnosed, asked about treatment and was told it wasnt neccesary and that it was dependent on if i felt i could 'cope with' the symptoms myself, was told to loose weight and that all would get better. Doh. I just had to attend an occupational health meeting at bupa - swanky, i dare say i shall never get to go in *there* again! - and was told that i had to demand to see a gynea, demand to have a glucose fasting test and demand to be out on metphormine, lest i am prepared to run the risky race of potential diabetes! Yay! I am on dianette at the mo, all seems to be okay, but i only go that because i was suffering so with furry face, and my doc made me feel like the vainest strumpet in the world for caring. FFS. :( Tell me how did y'all talk to your doctors to get taken seriously? I know if i go and ask for these things he'll roll his eyes - bah xx


The doctor I had when I was diagnosed with PCOS was really good. She seemed to research when I wasn't there and had stuff to tell me at the next appointment. She had loads of tests done to see what was going on hormonally and happily sent me off to see an endocrinologist. But then I moved and my current doctor is a dick not interested and talks down to me. He doesn't seem to know what PCOS is. He doesn't seem to care. When I said I wanted to get treated he just copied down exactly what my old doctor had me on, even though I'd had terrible side-effects, and sent me off without any advice.

I've found that the best way of dealing with him is to do my own research and to go in knowing what I want. I told him I wanted to see a dietician and why, so he sent the letter. I told him I wanted to see a consultant and why, so he sent the letter. Really, I just think he wants to not have to deal with me and that makes him easy to get to do what I want.

I'm currently looking to change doctor. Is there any way you could do that?

My current doctor is completely clueless when it comes to PCOS, he has tried a few things that didn't help and has put me back on Dianette as it helped before.

Is it possible you could see another doctor and try to get a referral to an endocrinologist or something?
I found a sympathetic female gp. wouldn't have gone to my male gp with it. My partner and I had also been trying to conceive for about a year when i made the appointment. Some doctors only seem to take you seriously if you're planning on starting a family.

All I can suggest otherwise is possibly seeing another more sympathetic GP in your practice and asking for further referrals if you need them.
Thanks ladyos, much appreciated. I have changed gp 3 times, had two ladies and none of them seem to know anything. I recently asked for a referral to an endochronologist and was told that this was not approriate unless i was trying to spawn. Bah. :( So, the fun continues, Dianette is making me fat(ter) with an exciting weight gain of half a stone in a month, even though i have radically altered my eating habits to try and counterbalance and my furry-face is displeasing to say the least. I went to see the brian jonestown massacre this week and felt at home, as they are reknown for the largeness of their sideburns. GODAMMIT. jaopskjdpaksjdpaskjdpaskjdapskjdkfhokashd.

August 2009

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