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slw2004 in pcos_uk

Omega 3 and 6

I remember reading somewhere that Omega 3 is good for people with PCOS and Omega 6 is bad for people with PCOS... but I can't remember where or why. So I thought I would ask if anyone here knows either where I may have read this (it was a PCOS self help book but I've read so many now) or why Omega 3 is good and Omega 6 is bad.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I'm crossposting this to pcosupport, pcos and pcos_uk. Sorry for spamming your friends pages.


I take Omega 3, but my reason is mostly that because I am eating for insulin resistance I am probably eating too much stuff that is unhealthy for my cholesterol levels and Omega 3 can help even that out a bit. I've seen a few things that claim Omega 3 helps with insulin resistance and depression as well but I don't see any evidence for the claims.
I've just started taking Omega 3 which was one of the reasons I was asking. I just took it into my head that it was good for me but I couldn't remember why. :)

Thank you for commenting.
My husband doesn't eat fish so I rarely prepare it and I'm probably getting small amounts from eggs, but not nearly enough for good health. I used to hate the idea of supplement, thinking that you can just get what you need if you eat a balanced diet but I've seen some very good health improvements since taking a few. Good luck!
I'm so glad you posted this! I've been taking Omega 3 6 9 capsules but reading up on the subject I can see that I probably get a fair bit of Omega 6 from my diet, meaning that I am getting too much 6 compared to 3.

I'm off to the shops tomorrow to get Omega 3 on its own

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