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DaiseeChain/Blue Daisy

daiseechain in pcos_uk

Anxiety and insomnia?

Hello all.

New to the group as I was recently diagnosed as 'possibly' having PCOS but most definitely having insulin resistance.

I'm wondering if anyone else here has problems with anxiety/panic attacks?

I've been suffering from them increasingly for the last decade and am getting desperate to get it under control. I've been avoiding drugs so far as I have idiosyncratic reactions to many drugs, but have tried exercise, lavender sprays, calming exercises, hypnotherapy... All of which seem to only work to a certain extent.

The exciting new wrinkle in all this is since being put on Metformin I've developed bouts of insomnia. They're possibly linked to having too many carbs too late at night, although I'm not certain about this. But the insomnia and anxiety are feeding into each other; the harder it is for me to get to sleep the more anxious I become about not being able to meet commitments the next day, which then makes the insomnia worse. It's had me in tears on several occasions, the worst being the day I couldn't attend a friend's birthday celebration as I was crashing just before it was due to start. I'm due to travel to Oz in a few months and am concerned about the effect the anxiety and insomnia will have on my ability to cope.

Has anyone found any particular therapies/drugs to be of any use in dealing with anxiety?


August 2009

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